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Taking care of your health

We Cater to all 
Three Law Systems

Are you frustrated that your mixed-law family can't be serviced in a single facility? Look no more, Ascension Medical is your answer.

Highest Ranking Medical Center on Terran Prime

With facilities in all major cities, on all continents, and with an orbiting medical station, Ascension Medical is the best to provide you the best.

Dark, Gray and White Law
Dedicated Specialists

We are the largest purveyors of Triune-aligned Physicians and Care Specialists. Schedule your appointment with your Triune Law Medical Specialist today.


Offering the best in BioMech R&D, we'll provide excellent consultation, installation and support to life enhancements.


Our doctors provide for both individuals and families. We have physicians from across the Terran Alliance to serve all citizens.

Research Facilities &
Teaching Hospital

Striving to achieve the latest in all forms of medical research, Ascension Medical provides a robust platform for all Residents.

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