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As a Terran Solar System leader in Medical Procedures, Care and Technologies, Ascension Medical was founded on the basis of proliferation of life, culture, research and unity amongst the diverse species of the Terran Alliance.

A venture of Ascension Technologies, the focus on Technology First drives the ambitious care routines of our worldwide facilities, serving as the single Triune multi-Law approved facility with a rich foundation and history of exceptional teaching, training and manufacturing.

Exceptional Technology. Extraordinary Care.

About Ascension Medical

Welcome to Ascension Medical
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About Us

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Delgado M. Winestayne

Our Chief of Medicine, Dr. Winestayne provides oversight on the San Angeles Teaching & Research Facility.


Dr. Winestayne specializes in Neurological BioMechanics, and is aligned to Dark Law.

Dr. Joseph DiPasquale

Our Chief of Dentistry, Dr. DiPasquale identifies oral care and equivalent for all species of Terran Prime.


Dr. DiPasquale specializes in NeuroNet™ Dental Integration and is aligned to Grey Law.

Dr. Cameron Zhiyuzhe

Our Chief of Surgery, Dr. Zhiyuzhe links advances in medical procedures with old-world medicine in perfect execution of surgical procedures.


Dr. Zhiyuzhe specializes in Interspecies Exploratory Medicine, and is aligned to Light Law.

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