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The best integration options

Our BioMechanical Augmentation technologies are designed for ease of immuno-integration, and simple interface with existing neural pathways. Specializing in both replacement and elective augmentation, we offer options such as BeyeOnic™ optical implants, the MyArm™ and MyLeg™ appendage replacements, and BiOrgan™ synthesized ultra-efficient organs. 


Full maintenance packages are included with all BioMechanical procedures, with easy financing and acceptance of all Terran Alliance and Triune-specific medical plans.


Our highly-skilled staff specialize in development of advanced, cutting-edge bio-robotics and life enhancement technologies specifically designed to help Terran Alliance denizens live longer, happier, more connected and fulfilled lives. We cultivate techniques for less invasive surgeries, resulting in less time spent in our luxurious and pristine centers, and developing safer life-enriching equipment for work and home use.

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Our Specialties

  • Partial and whole arm prosthetics and MyArm™ Upgrades

  • NeuralNet™ Personal Internet Integration

  • Partial and whole leg prosthetics and MyLeg™ Upgrades

  • Bilateral Prosthetics

  • Military Prosthetics

  • Pediatric Prosthetics

  • Partial and Full optical enhancements

  • Cyborg Maintenance

  • Partial and Full aural enhancements

  • Multi-sensor array upgrades

  • BiOrgan installation, maintenance, and replacement

  • Integrated Linquo™ Universal Translator Installation

  • NanoTech Geriatrics

BioMechanical Augmentation

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