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The Department of Emergency Medicine at Ascension Medical serves the entirety of Terran Prime and its surrounding space stations, satellites, and Alliance planets. We provide a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, residents, and specialists of every medical and surgical specialty to treat the critically ill, injured adults, children and malfunctioning bio-enhanced denizens.


Our staff is ready to rebuild partial- and fully-enhanced biomechanical beings, including artificial rebuilding and replacement of organic structures with BiOrgans™, BioMech technologies and advanced DNA resequencing machines. 


We provide a full spectrum of emergency and urgent care needs, in our state-of-the-art San Angeles facility, providing trauma care for the entirety of the Western Seaboard, and the Terran Prime planet as a whole. From Los Cremento to New Holland, no other hospital system has a trauma center capable of servicing approximately 150,000 patients per year.


Patients and physicians from within and outside our network have access to the broadest possible range of experts in the galaxy, ensuring the absolute best choice in health care for families and individuals based on the most up-to-date therapies available.

Visitation Guidelines

Patients are allowed up to two visitors at a time while in the Emergency Department. Children and sentient androids may visit if supervised at all times by an adult or control bot, respectively, other than the patient. Visitors under 16 years of age may be screened by a nurse for illegal nanobots, infectious diseases, or malfunctioning NeuralNet™ link-ups. For more guidelines, please contact our General Information site on NeuralNet™ InfoServe.

Emergency Medicine

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