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February 12, 2025

Universal Translator Injector Trials Showing 95% Success Rate

Ascension MedTech R&D third round trials of injectable universal nano-translator have proven successful in the execution of real-time translation of 95% of the Terran Alliance home languages. First- and second-round trials aided in the advancement of the synaptic neural interface required to both power the nano-device and feed translation algorithms into the host brain. Side effects of the current trial include...

March 13, 2025

DNA Resequencing and Analysis of Human Chromosome 18

Despite the low density of protein-coding genes on chromosome 18, it has been found that the proportion of non-protein-coding sequences has facilitated easier DNA Resequencing to eradicate certain specific genetic disorders stemming from chromosome 18 trisomy and aneuploidy. With the use of the DNA Resequencing technologies developed at Ascension Medical's Internal Medicine laboratories...

April 20, 2025

Trans-Dimensional Anti-Sickness Studies Under Way

For many interdimensional travelers, the "sickness" holds back many from a return trip to Earth Prime, Sartoris 4 or the Arcturian Lunar System. Studies have begun for an anti-sickness one-time implant to curb symptoms of nausea, dizziness, loss of time, adaptations of gravity to a bare-minimum and allow the pleasures of Alliance travel to return to many. Please contact your local Alliance Travel Agency if you wish to be considered for the study.

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