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Specialists in All Law Systems

No matter what you align yourself to, we cater to all three Terran Alliance Triune Law Systems. Underage and/or undecided? We can take care of you too! We employ non-aligned personnel from the Interdimensional Rift, the highest ranking medical physicians of Earth Prime, seasoned professionals experienced in all aspects of Terran Alliance life.

We are Triune Certified™ allowing us to process your Law Systems requests and forms in-house rather than depending on the lengthy approvals process in which other facilities must engage.

Light Law

We employ only the most ethical Light Law physicians and staff, ready to meet your needs and help guide you to a healthy state of emotional being. Our staff undergo a bi-yearly Light Law evaluation to ensure that your medical professional is the most righteous Light Law individual to aid with your care. We offer many programs to cater to your Light Law needs.

Grey Law

Our Grey Law staff represent a perfect balance of mind and body, always ready to harmonize your needs and provide enlightened balance to your self-being. Whether you skew slightly Light or Dark within your Grey balance, we have physicians and staff available to mesh with your ideals and secure a harmonious future. Our Grey Law staff have the option of professional uniforms or casual uniforms for identification.

Dark Law

Ensconced in uniforms of ceremonial black, our Dark Law physicians and staff are easy to identify in our facilities. While they are obligated to hold all their patients in their best interest, our Dark Law staff are still the best in the Law System, inclined to find a camaraderie with each dark spirited being in the Terran Alliance.

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  • Law Systems Counseling & Representation

  • Triune Certified™ Claims Expedition 

  • Alignment Selection Services

  • Alignment Transfer Services

  • Dark Law Acquisitions

  • Light & Dark Law Field Medics

  • Dark Law HiveMind™ Minion Services

On-Site Services

Triune Law Systems

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